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Do you want to know about numbers, fractions, ratio and proportion, profit and lose, percentages? Want to learn Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Mensuration, Statistics, Probability etc.? Use the lessons to learn them. Then test yourself.


Learn about digits, enumeration, numbers, place value, prime and composite numbers, co-prime numbers, divisibility . . .

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Algebraic expressions, ratio and proportion

Learn about algebraic expression, formulae applications, algebraic fractions, polynomial . . .

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Exponents and Logarithms

Learn about rational and irrational exponents, natural and common logarithm, formulae application of exponents and logarithms . . .

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Series and Binomial Expansion

Learn about sequence, finite and infinite series, arithmetic and geometric series, find the fixed term and sum of fixed numbers of terms of . . .

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Learn about trigonometric ratios of an acute angle, prove and apply the trigonometric identities, angles of elevation and declination . . .

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Coordinate Geometry

Learn about find the distance between two points, slope of a straight line, equation of a straight line, determine the area of a triangle using . . .

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Equation and Inequality

Learn about equation, identity, equations in one variable, solve the linear and quadratic equations, simple simultaneous equations . . .

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Set and Function

Learn about universal set, subsets, complement of a set, power sets, union, intersection and difference of sets, relations, functions . . .

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Learn about line, angle, triangle, quadrilateral, circle, theorem, practical geometry, congruence and similarity etc.. Then practice . . .

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Mensuration and Solid Geometry

Learn about determine the area of polygonal region, circumference and area of a circle and its segment . . .

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Planar Vector

Learn about scalar and vector quantities, equal vector, opposite vector, position vector, addition and subtraction of vectors . . .

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Learn about information and data, frequency, cumulative frequency, frequency polygon, ogive curve, central tendency, find the mean . . .

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Learn about concept of probability, certain events, impossible events and possible events, find the probability of an event happening . . .

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Profit Loss and Percentages

Learn about profit and loss, solve problems related to profit and loss,  solve problems of daily life related to tax, VAT, commission money . . .

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Ratio and Proportion

Learn about ratio and proportion, ratio of multiple expressions and the successive ratios, solve the problems of real life related to ratios . . .

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